“Thank Your Lucky Stars”: Ovira Rolls Out More Mobile Billboards To Rally Against Nick Drummond Case Ruling

“Thank Your Lucky Stars”: Ovira Rolls Out More Mobile Billboards To Rally Against Nick Drummond Case Ruling

Period pain relief company Ovira has continued to take a stand against the ruling on Nick Drummond’s case.

This time it’s behind four mobile billboards that feature quotes from the judge that ruled on the case.

Last week, women’s health start-up Ovira sent a message of support to women of Australia with a mobile billboard with the words “You will not silence our pain” in response to an ex-Knox Grammar student having his convictions erased for assaulting a woman.

Since being inundated with women’s stories from the community, the Ovira team is taking a stand to highlight how damaging it believes Judge Sutherland’s comments are for victims/survivors, and how this is just one case that points to an urgent need for reform to address the societal and structural inequalities that perpetuate violence against women.

Yesterday, Ovira drove four mobile billboards in unison to the Downing Centre Local & District Court and around Sydney, displaying jarring quotes by Justice Sutherland from the Nicholas Drummond proceedings, including:

  • “Thank your lucky stars”

  • “He’s had an unhappy year”

  • “Her dress may have been perceived as provocative”

  • “Good luck with the coaching”

Ovira aims to raise awareness for a crowdfunding campaign for support services and advocacy groups that currently has already amassed more than $18,000 in donations in less than 24 hours.

Hayley Foster, CEO of Rape and Domestic Violence Services Australia, said: “Our criminal justice system is failing to deliver appropriate outcomes to victims of domestic and sexual violence.

“Young people are standing up and speaking out about this injustice. They won’t tolerate victim-blaming behaviours and a continuation of the status quo.”

Ovira founder Alice Williams, said: “The reasoning Judge Sutherland gave for erasing the convictions, in this case, sends an extremely damaging message to women experiencing violence.

“Just 1.5 per cent of sexual assaults result in a conviction – we cannot afford to have further barriers for women reporting violence. We know there is hope for a safer future for women, but we’re done waiting around for it to happen.”

“We are demanding urgent reforms to address the inequalities that perpetuate violence against women, and particularly in the judicial systems so victim-survivors receive justice.

“We are also asking our politicians to allocate funding towards the services that provide frontline support. We want to use this moment to highlight and champion their work and send a message to survivors, that you are not alone and support is always available.

“While we wait and wait for the government to provide these services with the funding they deserve, we’re taking matters into our own hands and have organised a crowdfunding campaign, ‘Thank Your Lucky Stars’, for the public to donate.”

Ovira is directing the public to visit www.yourluckystars.com.au to donate to a crowdfunding campaign to raise money for critical support services and advocacy groups. Ovira will be making a donation of $15,000.

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