Ovira Makes Powerful Statement With “You Will Not Silence Our Pain” Mobile Billboard

Ovira Makes Powerful Statement With “You Will Not Silence Our Pain” Mobile Billboard
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Female-founded startup Ovira were behind a billboard driving around Sydney this weekend with the words, “You will not silence our pain”, in support of Nick Drummond’s alleged victim. 

The billboard sends a strong message of support to the young woman who was assaulted by ex-Knox Grammar student, Nick Drummond.

The billboard comes after Drummond’s convictions relating to that December 2020 evening were erased last week by the NSW District Court.

According, to 7news, Drummond, while drunk, told a woman to “put her tits away” and, after she confronted him, he punched her in the face. He also allegedly destroyed her phone by stomping on it. 

Originally, Drummond was convicted of assaulting the woman. But, his conviction has now been erased. 

7news, reported, that Judge Richard Sutherland said: “(He made) a lewd and completely inappropriate remark towards someone he didn’t know but whose dress might have been perceived by a former student of Knox to be provocative.”  Then the judge declared it wasn’t “necessary” for Drummonds convictions to be recorded. 

The Knox graduate, can now continue his life without seemingly facing any lasting consequences for the incident. 

However, Ovira has taken a public stand against the decision, with its mobile billboard. The billboard was seen Sunday 27/9 at Downing Centre Local & District Court in Sydney, in front of Knox Grammar School, and various locations around Sydney.

As a women’s health brand on a mission to end the unnecessary suffering of women everywhere, Ovira stands in solidarity with women in pain and speaks out for those who find it too difficult.

One in three Australian women have experienced physical violence. Ovira recognises women’s needs have been historically ignored, underfunded and under-researched by society. They are determined to change this.

Ovira founder Alice Williams, said: “The fact that the young man had his convictions erased is disappointing, but unfortunately not surprising. It’s just one example of how alarmingly comfortable our society is with pain and suffering being an expected part of life for women.

“It’s reflected in the horrific numbers of violence against women and filters all the way through to so many parts of our daily lives, (like period pain, endometriosis, painful sex) – where women’s pain is repeatedly dismissed.

“As women, we are used to being told to ‘just deal with it’ when it comes to our pain. And we’ve had enough.

“This young woman has shown incredible courage and her story lets those experiencing the same understand that they are not alone. We stand in solidarity with her and want to amplify her voice, while offering hope to the thousands of other women suffering in silence. 

“We hope that our actions can empower these women.”

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