Taste.com.au Undergoes Major Digital Relaunch

Taste.com.au Undergoes Major Digital Relaunch

News DNA has unveiled its first major digital project with the relaunch of one of Australia’s biggest sites, taste.com.au, in beta.

The full-site rebuild involved the migration of 60,000 content pieces and a huge six million pieces of user data, making it one of the biggest digital projects of the industry this year.

There are more than a few features to make marketers, media buyers and advertisers sit up. Here are five of the top tasty features:

  1. Adhesive ad formats on desktop and mobile make it a market leader in terms of viewability.
  2. Search is central to the redesign with predictive suggestions and advanced filtering. Advertisers can now own the media around search keyword clusters, time of day and device.
  3. The new site is structured around four permanent editorial verticals: Quick & Easy, Healthy, Baking and Entertaining. These can be media sponsored with integrated content.
  4. Video is central, with 180 new videos forecast to deliver millions of views – with pre-roll available via programmatic
  5. The data targeting created by the combination of one million members, 3.5 million UA and extensively tagged content is immense – and can be used to target consumers anywhere News DNA.

The relaunch of taste.com.au will be backed by a six million dollar consumer marketing campaign that aligns to the four key pillars of Quick & Easy, Healthy, Baking and Entertaining.

Launching in beta first, will enable users to give feedback on the features they would like to see in the final version, shaping future product development ahead of a hard launch next year.

Have a squiz at it here:

New taste.com.au_homepage_DESKTOP (002)

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