Study: “Made In Australia” Label The 14th Most Respected In The World

Study: “Made In Australia” Label The 14th Most Respected In The World

Do you always look for the little yellow kangaroo ‘Australian Made’ logo when choosing your products? Love a dash of nationalism when your shop? Well, according to a new global study it comes in at a respectable 14th position when compared to other countries.

The study by statistics firm Statista researched some 43,000 consumers from some 49 different countries and found anything made in Germany garnered the most respect – and that’s despite the recent Volkswagen fiasco.

In close second for the nation with the most trusted brand reputation was those watch and knife making Swiss. The European Union, although not actually a country, came in third, followed the UK and Sweden rounding out the top five.

Australia’s 14th position put us in the respected “top 20” and we manage to beat the likes of New Zealand, the Irish and the Spanish.

Out of the countries surveyed, China had the second worst score (28 index points) while Iran dead last (27 index points).

The top 20 included:

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According to Statista, the ‘Made in’ label was originally introduced by the British at the end of the 19th century to protect their economy from cheap, low quality and sometimes counterfeit imports from Germany. It is therefore rather ironic that Germany now sits atop the ranking as the most respected label in the world.

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