Chinese Students Urged To Donate Sperm To Afford Latest iPhone

Chinese Students Urged To Donate Sperm To Afford Latest iPhone

It may be China’s biggest selling and most sought after phone and it appears the Chinese will do anything to get their hands on one.

The iPhone 6 – considered hugely expensive for many of China’s humble workers – is so popular that there’s a growing list of crazy marketing stunts to try and get one.

In April this year Apple announced that China was now its biggest selling market for the iPhone, overtaking the US.

One 17-year-old Chinese student so wanted the iPhone 5, in 2012 he allegedly sold his kidney on the black market. On Chinese tech sites the phone is jokingly called the “kidney phone”.

And with the release of the new 6 model, men who want one are being advised to donate their sperm to get the cash to get the latest Apple incarnation.

Chinese business newspaper The Yangtze Business Times is advertising that young men prepared to donate their loin juice can get an allowance of 5000 Chinese dollars. The iPhone 6 retails in China for about 5300 Chinese dollars. However, the male must be in the age bracket of 22-45, be healthy and preferably have a university degree.

Why the planet’s most populous nation needs more sperm is anyone’s guess and the plan for semen donation has been hit with widespread criticism.

However, younger, poorer male students, desperate for a new phone, have welcomed the idea and argue, quite rightly, donating sperm makes far more sense that donating a vital organ. “Why people are criticizing this? This is actually a new plan to get an iPhone,” one student wrote.

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