South Australia Health, Wavemaker & News Corp Act Fast To Launch COVID-Safe Black Friday Mask Giveaway

South Australia Health, Wavemaker & News Corp Act Fast To Launch COVID-Safe Black Friday Mask Giveaway

Wavemaker, News Corp and South Australia Health collaborated to launch a Covid-Safe mask giveaway in time for Black Friday sales activating a campaign that would normally take 6-8 weeks in just 6-8 hours.

Following the recent unexpected Parafield cluster that led to Adelaide’s lockdown, SA Health identified Black Friday – a key shopping event with high traffic volumes expected in shopping locations – as a risk of a potentially serious outbreak if shoppers didn’t follow guidelines around wearing masks and maintaining social distance.

South Australia was suffering from misconception of the risk of being exposed to Covid-19 when it was exposed that much of the concern around the cluster came from misinformation from a contact tracer, and restrictions were lifted slightly, leaving people thinking the threat was reduced and masks and social distancing may not be necessary precautions.

To raise awareness of the heightened potential risk of Covid-19 during Black Friday events and remind South Australians of the importance of wearing a mask under current health guidelines, Wavemaker, SA Health and News Corp created a plan to ensure easy access to free masks for their Black Friday shopping.

Wavemaker, News Corp and SA Health activated a promotion giving readers a free pack of 3 masks at Newsagents when purchasing The Advertiser. On Thursday 26th and Fri 27th November, nearly 200,000 masks (64,000 packs) were given away to South Australians. The initiative is being promoted across News Corp channels including prominent advertising space in The Advertiser, including a belly band on Black Friday.

Matt Hofmeyer, Managing Director, Wavemaker Adelaide said: ‘The changes in status of the Parafield cluster created confusion for South Australians about what they need to do to protect themselves and We knew that we needed to act fast and Wavemaker, News Corp and SA Health delivered a solution that would normally take 6-8 weeks, in 6-8 hours.  Being able to activate a mass distribution of masks to remind our state to wear masks has never been more important. I am incredibly proud of how all parties dealt with the logistical challenges to make it happen fast, finding ways to do it, not reasons not to.”

Ish Davies, Managing Director, SA, News Corp, said ‘Getting masks out into the community, quickly and at scale made enormous sense and we were delighted that our brands like The Advertiser could strongly contribute to the outcome and help keep South Australians safe.The role that the broader metropolitan newsagents played in making this possible in a super tight timeframe was particularly appreciated.’

Jon Logie, Executive Director of Corporate Communications, SA Health, said ‘Our priority was to ensure as many South Australians as possible had access to masks prior to, or on, Black Friday to help stop the spread of Covid-19. Thanks to the hard work, flexibility and creative of all parties involved, we were able to distribute nearly 200,000 masks in 48 hours across the state, and played a significant part in helping to keep South Australians safe from the virus.”



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