Snapchat Profiles Release A Brand New Look, With 3D Bitmoji

Snapchat Profiles Release A Brand New Look, With 3D Bitmoji
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Snapchat profiles now have a brand new look and a new dimension, with 3D Bitmoji in profiles.

Snapchatters are able to see a three dimensional version of themselves on their Snapchat profile and friendship profile — offering an entirely new way to express themselves and their personalities on Snapchat.

With more than 200 million people using Bitmoji every day, Snapchatters are able to browse from over 1,200 combinations of body poses, facial expressions, gestures, and backgrounds to further personalise their digital presence.

From peace signs and prayer hands, to scenic beaches and trendy animal print backgrounds — Snapchatters can now match their 3D Bitmoji to their every mood.

Increasingly, Snap sees Bitmojis playing a more significant part in the online Metaverse – a digital alternate reality – where each person can choose their own depiction of themselves, in various capacities. Given that an increasing amount of our interactions are now taking place online, it makes sense to facilitate an environment entirely aligned to this.

Using Pixar-quality 3D capabilities, Snapchatters will see enhanced details on their customised avatar — from the clothing textures and unique embellishments from their favourite fashion labels, to the sparkle and shine on their avatar’s earrings.

The new profile also will showcase:

  • an expanded Snapcode menu, for easy profile access
  • new Bitmoji CTAs and editing options, like quickly changing your outfit, or hair style
  • and, profile sharing — so Snapchatters can have the option to share their customised 3D Bitmoji with their friends on and off of Snapchat.

The new feature is only the beginning of a much broader 3D roadmap for the company, which may prove very valuable, both for Snap’s business interests and for brand marketing processes.

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