Snapchat Launches Sponsored AR Filters Promising Brands Greater Reach

Snapchat Launches Sponsored AR Filters Promising Brands Greater Reach
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Snapchat has announced Sponsored AR Filters, a new augmented reality (AR) ad offering that expands brands’ reach beyond the pre-capture Lens Carousel.

This ad placement occurs after Snapchatters capture their content with the Snapchat Camera, accessible by swiping to the post-capture Filter Carousel. With over 5 billion Snaps created every day, brands can now join in on even more shareable moments and truly own the Snapchat Camera experience from end to end. Here are the key features:

  • Staying culturally relevant with branded moments: One of the key benefits of Sponsored AR Filters is the ability to seamlessly integrate brands into both major tentpoles and everyday moments.
  • Easing Filter production with fun, new templates: Advertisers can upload existing assets and build Filters from a variety of tried-and-true templates, including AR face Filters, location-based overlays, countdown timers, quiz generators, and more.
  • Maximizing brand awareness and engagement: By leveraging Sponsored AR Filters, especially alongside pre-capture Sponsored Lenses, brands can guarantee optimal visibility and impact across the entire Snapchat Camera experience.
  • Capturing more measurement signals: With the integration of calls to action (CTAs), advertisers can capture valuable mid-funnel signals, guiding Snapchatters towards specific conversion actions and driving measurable results for campaigns.
  • Lowering the barrier to entry for AR Ads: With no outside production costs needed, advertisers can effortlessly create Sponsored AR Filters in under 10 minutes using Lens Web Builder, a free DIY tool for Filter and Lens creation. This allows budget-conscious brands to participate without the expense of traditional production and storyboarding.

From the NFL counting down to Super Bowl LVIII to Franklin Park Conservatory promoting its local Orchids exhibit, Sponsored AR Filters enable advertisers of all sizes to easily opt into AR advertising.

Haran Ramachandran, head of creative strategy, APAC at Snap Inc said “Sponsored AR Filters make it easier for any business to create AR ads. Brands of all sizes can now seamlessly tap into cultural moments and maximise brand awareness and engagement with over 8 million Snapchatters in Australia”.

“Snapchat’s AR Filter helped Franklin Park Conservatory promote its events with interactive experiences, increasing attendance and ticket sales to this botanical garden. The Conservatory has been bringing people and plants together since 1993, and Snapchat’s AR Filter was a crucial component in their effort to continue engaging with all ages and generations,” said Mallory Khan, Account Executive at Third Street Digital.

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