Snapchat Launches First Full Body Tracking Lenses

Snapchat Launches First Full Body Tracking Lenses

Two social media stars have collaborated with Australian-based Official Lens Creators (OLCs) to launch the first full body tracking Lenses on Snapchat – a new feature that allows Snapchatters to express their unique creativity and style with Lenses that move with their entire body.

Snap Stars , Dixie D’Amelio and Jalaiah Harmon (creator of the Renegade dance), partnered with Australian-based OLCs Abbas Sajad (from Sydney) and Jinnie The Wew (from Adelaide) to debut the new tech on Snapchat.

The update to Snap’s Lens Studio makes it possible for anyone to create Snapchat Lenses that move with their entire body using the new 2D full body tracking Lens template. This technology tracks 18 joints across the whole body, building from an 8-joint 2D upper body tracking Lens template already available in Lens Studio. This new tech lets users add and control AR effects with body movements – a super useful and creative addition to any dance video (regardless of which platform you ultimately post to).

To debut this new tech, 4 Official Lens Creators were paired with 4 Snap Stars to make custom, full body tracking Lenses that express their unique, creative styles.

Lens Creator Abbas Sajad: “I built a Lens to complement Dixie D’Amelio’s new song “Be Happy.” The song is a reminder that you’re in control of your own happiness, so we designed the Lens so that your movements control AR weather effects, which reflect different kinds of feelings. For example, when you’re feeling down, you relate more to rain and dark clouds, while happiness feels more like a sunny day. So when you use the Lens and throw your hands in the air, the rain and dark clouds disperse, bringing in the bright sun. To keep the Lens natural, I drew all these effect animations by hand, frame by frame. It was great to collaborate with Dixie and we’re happy with the final Lens, so I can’t wait for people to try it!”

Jye Trudinger (aka Jinnie the The Wew): “Jalaiah liked the concept of a Lens that followed and amplified your movements – so I took this concept and ran with it. We really wanted the colors to pop and be super vibrant, so we designed it to create a rainbow aura to emphasize your movements and grab the attention of someone watching this Lens in use. We also built the Lens to amplify any sudden stops in movement, so you can dance and pose to trigger the AR effect of a white silhouette into a colorful burst. It was awesome to collaborate with Jalaiah to share new ideas to elevate the quality of the Lens, and it was amazing to see the Lens come to life through her dance style.”

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