Save The Children Launches Campaign To Help Tackle Child Abuse In Australia Via Keep Left

Save The Children Launches Campaign To Help Tackle Child Abuse In Australia Via Keep Left

Save the Children has launched an integrated marketing campaign called ‘Living in Fear’ to fundraise $100,000 in seven days, to help tackle the scourge of child abuse in Australia.

Every day, 88 children suffer abuse in Australia. That’s one child every 16 minutes.

The campaign designed by marketing communications agency Keep Left will be rolled out across Save the Children’s owned media channels, as well as paid and earned media.

Keep Left based the creative on the insight that child abuse, whether emotional or physical, may have a lasting impact on the social and intellectual development of children.

Without appropriate care from their families or support services, this may carry into adulthood. As a result, many victims live in fear, which can make the most innocent things terrifying.

This insight has been conceptualised in the campaign creative through the playing of the popular Australian children’s game ‘Duck, Duck, Goose.’

Watch below:

Save the Children head of marketing, Caroline Reid explained: “Childhood is supposed to be carefree, but in Australia, a child is abused every 16 minutes.

“This isn’t some foreign statistic; it’s occurring right around the country.

“The creative illustrates the shocking effects of abuse on children, and it’s a problem Australia needs to address.”

Keep Left CEO, Caroline Catterall said: “This was a difficult, but extremely important topic to tackle creatively.

“No child should live in fear and it’s our hope the funds raised through this campaign will help make large strides towards this being a reality.”

Save the Children Australia CEO, Paul Ronalds said: “Save the Children is known for its work overseas, but child abuse in Australia is no less significant, yet much less understood.

“We have been developing Australian programs to help children suffering from abuse for over 100 years, but we need the nation to recognise the issues occurring in their own backyard and know how they can help save a child’s life.”

Consumer research linked to the campaign shows 35 per cent of people don’t believe abuse is an issue affecting children in Australia, despite over a third saying they have been abused or know someone who has been.

Ronalds continued: “Intervening now could make a difference to thousands of lives. Child abuse, whether emotional or physical, is proven to have a lasting impact on the social and intellectual development of children that they may carry into adulthood.”

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Campaign credits:

Save the Children
• Head of Marketing – Caroline Reid
• Acquisition Project Manager – Amanda Schofield

Keep Left – Creative Agency
• Creative Director – Ant Dinham
• Integrated Account Director – Georgia Harrison
• Creatives – Ruby Gill, Sam Galloway, Camilo Suarez
• Copywriter – Ruby Gill Keep Left – Production Company
• Executive Producer – Ant Dinham
• Producer – Natasha Pavlou, Larissa Thorne
• Director – Ant Dinham
• DOP – Sam Galloway
• Editor – Sam Galloway
• Sound Design – Matthew Hadley

Keep Left – Strategy & PR
• Managing Director – Gillian Gosling
• Head of Digital + Experience – Johanna Murray
• Integrated Account Director – Jessica Williams
• Publicity – Melanie Campbell
• Publicity – Jacob Schnackenberg

Keep Left – Digital Media
• Digital Account Executive – James DeSouza



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