Ronald McDonald Orders A Whopper In Burger King’s Latest Dig At The Competition

Ronald McDonald Orders A Whopper In Burger King’s Latest Dig At The Competition

Burger King Canada is promoting its new app that allows customers to order a home delivered Whopper at any time.

Nothing particularly riveting in that. In fact, the press release that arrived at B&T with the news contained all the predictable PR guff.

It read: “The new Burger King campaign aims at anyone with a smartphone or a tablet, being a tech savvy or not, just anyone who can’t stay away from the iconic Whopper sandwich to get it from the BK app delivery. The beef patty is flame-grilled to perfection in a soft sesame seed bun with freshly chopped onions, tomatoes and lettuce and can be enjoyed from the comfort of your home.”

However, on closer inspection, the campaign’s imagery – the work of creative agency Publicis Montreal – shows Burger King up to its old marketing tricks – having a yet another playful jab at the competition, namely McDonald’s and KFC.

In the first image, we see a Burger King takeaway bag neatly positioned on someone’s porch with a pair of clown shoes discreetly tucked away in the background that look remarkably similar to those worn by famed burger clown, Ronald McDonald.

The second image again shows a porch setting with potted plants, the pots looking remarkably similar to KFC’s fabled chicken bucket.

“At Burger King we know that, except from our restaurants, there is no place like home, the only other place on earth where we can truly be ourselves, no makeup, no bow tie and no one judging us,” the release said, again referencing its clown rival.

“That’s why, now, Burger King claims that ‘Every home can be the Home of the Whopper’!”



Burger King  

Global Head of Brand Marketing: Iwo Zakowski

Sr. Manager, Global Brand Communication: Flavia Guetter

Global Brand Marketing Director: Andrea Beer

Agency : Publicis Montréal

President: Rachelle Claveau

Global CCO: Bruno Bertelli

Chief Creative Officer:  Jorg Riommi, Sann Sava

Creative director: Sann Sava, Mélissa Charland

Art director : Mélissa Charland, Preto Murara

Copywriter : Susannah Rubin, Ariane Gagné, John Pallant, Jérémie Lachance

Graphic designer : Marquis Couture

Account Management:  Tarik Guisser, Stephanie Martin

Strategy : Andréa Fortin

Photographer: Illusion CGI Studio

Illustrator: Illusion CGI Studio

Production Company: Illusion CGI Studio










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