Party Pies Irresponsibly Marketed To Children: Advertising Standards Board

Party Pies Irresponsibly Marketed To Children: Advertising Standards Board

The Advertising Standards Board (ASB) has ruled the commercial for Patties party pies breached part of the Responsible Children’s Marketing Initiative (RCMI). The ad was aired on Channel 7 during the movie Frozen.

The complaint lodged by the Obesity Policy Coalition said the ad violated the RCMI three times: firstly, it was directed primarily to children; secondly,  Party Pies do not represent a healthy dietary choice consistent with established scientific or Australian government standards; and lastly, it does not promote good dietary habits or physical activity.

The Obesity Policy Coalition complained that Patties party pies were advertised during popular kids film Frozen: “It is not a family movie, it is movie with themes, visuals and language directed primarily to children and would have been watched on Channel 7 by large numbers of children. It therefore follows that the advertisement’s content and placement was directed primarily to children.”

Patties party pies responded to the complaint: “The advertisement was created specifically to target grocery buyers with children (aged 5 – 17). The key objective for this Advertisement was to deliver awareness and engagement to the grocery buyer that Patties Party Pies are a great snack for all people during a night in with the family. The rationale of the Advertisement was to create a family scenario that would resonate with Australian mothers and families.

“We submit that the Advertisement encourages physical activity demonstrated by Daniel playing in his room.”

The Advertising Standards Board upheld the complaint in part on the basis the ad violated the RMCI, but that it did not promote excessive consumption. The ad will continue to screen, however at times where the TV program is not directed at children.


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