Finally An Ad About Skid Mark Undies

Finally An Ad About Skid Mark Undies

“The fashion industry leaves a stain on the world. Change starts with your underwear”, That’s the inspiration behind an ad for organic clothing brand PACT which takes ‘stain’ literally.

Copying the look of retro Calvin Klein ads, models lounging in their tightey whites looking lustfully in the camera until the worst happens. The goal of “Skidmarks” was to underline PACT’s ideology about high fashion supply chain, encouraging people to think about what they buy.

On the website it says “All PACT apparel is sweatshop free, ethically produced, and part of a movement transforming the way apparel is made. Sure they’re (comfy, amazing) clothes, but they’re more than clothes.”

Check out the messy campaign below:

“PACT engaged us to expose the dark side of the fashion industry in a funny way—the only logical place to go was a fart joke,” the ad company Denizen behind the creative co-founder Joel Jensen said.

“The idea was based around a problem most of us have encountered at some point in our lives, skidmarks. We came back with a concept for the video that had all of us on the floor laughing. Our reaction was both delight and disgust, but we knew right away that we had to greenlight the idea.

“We wanted to subvert the tropes of the fashion industry. It’s a flawed industry that refuses to look at itself honestly. There is an ugly reality lurking beneath the surface, and it’s very easy to be distracted from that when beautiful, titillating imagery comes with the package.”

Client: PACT
Patrick Bernard – Sr. Digital Manager
Brendan Synnott – CEO
Brad Chen – VP of Operations
Agency: Denizen

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