Outrage As Australia’s Sexiest Vegetarian Music Features In KFC Ad

Outrage As Australia’s Sexiest Vegetarian Music Features In KFC Ad

Fans of Xavier Rudd and his mellow, beachy tunes are livid after his song, ‘Let Me Be’, appeared as the backing track for KFC’s new video ad promoting the ‘Home Cricket Ground’ range.

Voted by PETA in 2008 as ‘Australia’s Sexiest Vegetarian’ , Rudd’s decision to let his music feature in an ad that essentially promotes deep-frying factory-farmed chicken is more than just perplexing, it’s a damn outrage.


Supporters of the longtime animal rights activist have hijacked his social media pages to vent their rage.

One post read, “KFC?? Seriously? Wow. Its really sad for someone with great ethics and environmental values to be pushing bad food like that. Really disappointed”.

“Really wish you could let the fans know what’s going on in regards to your music being used for something myself and I’m sure many others thought you’d be dead against. Just feels like such a let down right now,” another user wrote.

Others remain steadfast that Rudd would never do such a thing:


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Rudd was honoured in 2009 with the Sea Shepherd ‘Rock the Boat’ award, recognising his long-term support for the anti-whaling activists, and at the time of winning PETA’s sexiest vego in Oz was quoted saying, ““My biggest problem with society now is the mass production and no one even considering all those lives that are being factory farmed for human greed.”

Interestingly, users on his Facebook are now claiming comments are being deleted, while Rudd and his management are yet to make any kind of statement.


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