OMD Launches Research Findings On The State Of Podcasting In Australia

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OMD has partnered with ARN, Macquarie Media, Mamamia, Nova Entertainment, Southern Cross Austereo and Whooshkaa to commission a research study to understand the state of podcasting in Australia.

Through online interviews with more than 4,000 Australians, this study has delivered a comprehensive lens into Australian podcast listeners.

From podcast usage and habits, to the most effective types of podcast advertising, the study has uncovered an understanding on the podcast audience and the realm of opportunities in this unique medium.

Whilst podcasts have been around since 2004, there has been a recent revival and surge in popularity.

With many listeners familiar with titles such as ‘Serial’ and more recently, Australia’s very own ‘The Teacher’s Pet’, there is more interest than ever in podcasts and their potential as a marketing channel.

OMD’s research uncovered that 3.8 million Australian adults have listened to a podcast in the last three months.

That’s just over one in five people engaging with the medium, providing the scale that brands are looking for.

OMD Australia CEO Aimee Buchanan said: “Podcasting is a rapidly growing channel that offers marketers new ways to connect.

“This research piece aims to give our clients the necessary information to understand podcasts from the consumer’s point of view, the role podcasts can play and the opportunity for brands.”

The study has uncovered several key insights about the podcast consumer group’s attitude towards different types of advertising, and how brands can deliver a true value exchange with podcast listeners.

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Listeners spend an average of four hours consuming podcasts, and with the podcast being their main focus during this time, marketers can engage in long form communication with their target group.

OMD director of insights Mette Breith added: “In an attention deficit landscape, podcasting is a huge opportunity for marketers who want to engage with their consumers.

“We have seen how consumers are highly engaged with podcasts and have uncovered their positive reaction to meaningful advertising.”

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