Olympic Swimming Champ Kyle Chalmers Hams It Up For Clipper Brand Wahl

Olympic Swimming Champ Kyle Chalmers Hams It Up For Clipper Brand Wahl
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Newly-crowned World 100m Freestyle Swimming Champion Kyle Chalmers (pictured) has celebrated his stunning three gold medals by signing a new two-year deal as an ambassador for grooming brand, Wahl.

Following his triple triumph at the World Aquatic Championships in Fukuoka, Japan, in July, the 25-year-old South Australian will appear in a second series of hilarious TV adverts in the run-up to Christmas alongside his mental strength coach, Kerry Labouf, played by stand-up comic Dave Eastgate.

In the ads, which are to promote Wahl’s range of men’s trimmers, hair clippers and shavers, Labouf gives Chalmers a mohawk, Elvis-style hair, a handlebar moustache and a mullet in an increasingly desperate attempt to find the style that will guarantee him a gold medal at next year’s Paris Olympics.

After the mullet proves a disaster in the pool, Chalmers takes control and uses the Wahl trimmer to give himself the perfect shave.

“The costumes and haircuts are absolutely hilarious,” Chalmers said. “We had such a laugh filming them. Australia is going to get quite a shock when they see what I look like. I actually quite liked the mullet, but I think it might slow me down in the pool”.

Next year, Chalmers, who holds the world record in the 100m SC freestyle, will promote the launch of what Wahl are describing as ‘the world’s most advanced trimmer.’ The top-secret device called the ‘X-Ray Trimmer’ will be unveiled in the run up to 2024 Paris Olympics, where Chalmers is a hot favourite to win a second gold medal following his triumph at the Rio games in 2018.

“I’ve been using Wahl and their products for years, so I was a fan long before they approached me,” he said. “And it’s true that, in a tight race, you need to be as smooth as humanly possible to give yourself the best possible chance in a close race. Wahl takes grooming to a whole new level, they’re the best, so I’m very happy to be teaming up with them again”.

Chalmers signed for Wahl in 2021, and showed his sense of humour by poking fun at his silver medal at the Tokyo Olympics, – where he missed out on gold by an agonising 0.06 seconds – by suggesting he lost ‘by a hair’ and might have won if only he’d trimmed more.

The TVC concept and character of Kerry were the brainchild of Wahl’s Head of Marketing, Brett Clulow, who’s thrilled to be working with Chalmers again.

“He’s an absolute Aussie legend, who’s laser focused on optimum performance, something that’s fully aligned with our brand values,” Clulow commented. “The new range will really shake up the male grooming market, and Kyle is the perfect ambassador to showcase it to Australians”.

And Kyle’s preparations for Paris are going swimmingly.

“I’ve never been in better shape so I’m approaching the games with a positive attitude,” he said. “I’ve sacrificed so much over the last 10 years, trained for hours every day, been through surgery on my heart and shoulder and got through some very tough times mentally but I know I’ve got it in me to be the very best in the world”.

Leading into Christmas, Kyle will be promoting Wahl’s range of men’s trimmers, hair clippers, and shavers, available in major retailers: Harvey Norman, Good Guys, JBHIFI, Woolworths, Coles, Big W and Shaver Shop.

Production Company: Carioca Films

Producer: Carolina Gesser

Director: Jay Palmer

Photography: Craig Ratcliffe

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