Moving Images Your Thing? Time To Take The 2019 State-Of-Play Industry Survey

Moving Images Your Thing? Time To Take The 2019 State-Of-Play Industry Survey

Do you regularly mix up colleagues’ names? Can’t remember a deadline to save your life? Run 10 minutes late in the morning looking for your keys?

Well, if you suffer from bursts of amnesia and you work with moving images you’d be only too aware of the expense/client/collateral damage when important files mysteriously go AWOL.

So, to gauge the current state of how well adland is filing, storing, re-using and managing their film and video content, the archival and video back-up pros at Preferred Media are again running its annual survey to discover the whole, honest and occasionally difficult truth.

Preferred Media has been helping broadcasters, film producers, advertising agencies and brand advertisers store their film and video content for over three decades.

Its annual survey – take it here – aims to provide the full picture of how Australia’s advertising industry is creating and delivering content, from movies, to TV, to mobile ads.

The survey takes a mere 10 minutes to complete and once Preferred Media has woven all the replies into its annual comprehensive and authoritative report, they’ll send you a copy and all for nix, because that’s the sort of decent people they are. It’s almost like donating blood, just without the blood.

Once published, the report will go towards helping the rest of the industry navigate through the complexities and oncoming hurdles associated with the moving image.

Check out just a few of the top-level take outs revealed from 2018’s results:

  • Over a third of respondents had no processes to look after their content
  • Over half of respondents experienced challenges in re-using content
  • The average time overhead of managing content was five working weeks a year

And 2019’s iteration promises to be bigger, better and even more insightful with added categories that include video on social media, new formats and the rise of streaming for content and marketing.

And who doesn’t want a better, more inclusive and more dynamic industry for everyone involved? We sure do! Join the fun and take the survey today.


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