The Mission? Customer Communication and Engagement…Go

The Mission? Customer Communication and Engagement…Go

Consumers and their relationship with technology changes so often it might as well be seasonal – The wind has caused their expectations around brand engagement to walk out the door too.

The following example from The Customer Communication and Engagement Imperative Whitepaper might provide a mechanism to help you keep up with the Joneses.

This Whitepaper commissioned by Sitecore and Microsoft and researched and written by Tech Research Asia, investigates the experiences of one of Australia’s leading energy renewable companies AGL in deploying a Sitecore Content Management System (CMS) on Microsoft’s Azure cloud. Wow. That was an eyeful. Essentially what this means is, the whitepaper outlines the reasons why AGL has taken this path and details the business outcomes they’ve achieved to date as far as improving their customer engagement strategy. The Whitepaper also offers guidance to those considering the technology they use to address the customer communication and engagement imperative that all organisations face:

1. The business outcomes possible by deploying a content management system (CMS) in the cloud.

2. Key findings from the discussions with AGL.

3. Recommendations for government and business marketing and IT leaders.

To obtain a complimentary copy of the whitepaper – go to The Customer Communication and Engagement Imperative Whitepaper.


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