Melanoma Australia Launches New Summer Campaign ‘Game On Mole’

Melanoma Australia Launches New Summer Campaign ‘Game On Mole’

Melanoma Institute Australia is leveraging the iconic Aussie catch-cry ‘game on, mole’ to rally young Australians in the fight against melanoma this summer.

The edgy new campaign calls on young Aussies to don a limited-edition Game On Mole T-shirt and share selfies on social media tagged #gameonmole to generate a life-saving conversation around sun safety and skin health.

The campaign has been launched following estimates that in 2019 one Australian will be diagnosed with melanoma every half an hour, and one person will die from melanoma every five hours.

Melanoma is the most common cancer affecting Aussies aged 15 to 39.

Fronted by Olympic swimming champion and melanoma survivor Cate Campbell (featured image), Game On Mole is encouraging Australians to watch out for changes to their skin by taking photos of their body at the start and end of summer, and seeking medical advice if something has changed.

Campbell said: “My melanoma developed in a mole on my arm.

“Luckily I caught it early and it was successfully treated with surgery.”

She added: “Early detection is vital to saving lives, which is why Game On Mole is such an important campaign.

“You’ll need to ask a partner, family member or friend to take photos of your back at the start and end of summer, which makes it an awesome opportunity to spread awareness about skin health.”

Melanoma is the most deadly form of skin cancer.

The first sign of melanoma is often a changing mole or a new skin spot that looks like a mole.

But if caught early, 90 per cent of melanomas can be cured with surgery.

The Game On Mole website offers up tips for living a sun-safe life and what to look out for in changes to your skin. It is also where you can buy the limited-edition Game On Mole T-shirts.

Melanoma Institute Australia CEO Matthew Browne, said it was time young Australians took their skin seriously.

Browne continued: “Australians love the sun and everything about summer but the harsh reality is we have the highest melanoma rate in the world.

“Game On Mole is an important call to action for all of us to take the fight to melanoma this summer.

“I see thousands of people every day over summer not being sun-safe and it’s vital that we keep the conversation going in relation to sun protection and also being vigilant about changes to your skin.”

Cate Campbell added: “I am proud to be part of this campaign and proud to be wearing the Game On Mole tee.

“I’m urging all young Aussies to join me in taking the fight to melanoma – so Game On Mole, let’s save lives this summer.”

Go to to buy the t-shirt and for life-saving information.



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