Meet The Women Leading Tech: Canva Product And Design Director Sally Woellner

Meet The Women Leading Tech: Canva Product And Design Director Sally Woellner

Working as a product and design director at Canva, Sally Woellner is one of Australia’s leading experts in creative technology.

Since joining the tech startup in June 2019, Woellner has been tasked with delivering the world’s-first mobile-first Presentation; a new category for Canva Presentations, which is challenging the likes of Microsoft’s PowerPoint, and ensuring the perfect pitch looks perfect on any device.

With 55 per cent of people viewing important documents on their phones rather than desktops, Woellner has helped revolutionise the presentation experience.

Canva Presentations is now the fastest-growing category in the company, with over 80,000 mobile decks published since November 2019.

Prior to joining Canva, Woellner worked with design company Today, where she was led the creative charge and vision.

Here she worked on developing the brand design and strategy for the digital #kidsoffnauru campaign for World Vision, which attracted worldwide attention and successfully reached 6.7 million people and an online engagement rate of once every 30 seconds.

This engagement ultimately helped all 119 children on Nauru to be relocated within six months of the campaign going live; an achievement which solved a five year problem.

Outside of her day-to-day role, Woellner works hard to find ways to put creativity to good.

In collaboration with Tida Tippapart from the University of Technology Sydney’s (UTS) Centre for Social Justice and Inclusion, she works on the Inclusivity Experiment, a way to help designers in tech and startups to design more ethically, considering inclusion and equality in their work.

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