Mamamia Announces New Podcast ‘The Quicky’

Mamamia Announces New Podcast ‘The Quicky’

Mamamia has announced the latest addition to their podcast lineup, a 10-minute rundown of the top stories and a deep dive on one topic dubbed ‘The Quicky’.

Together with launch partner, MyBudget, the daily show represents a first from the podcaster.

The Quicky will air every weekday morning at 6am, and seeks to present news in a way that is informational, without being confrontational.

Mamamia’s head of podcasts Rachel Corbett said of the program: “The news cycle is often delivered with the masculine focus of “if it bleeds it leads”.

“It can also be impersonal and assumes a lot of knowledge, leaving you feeling like you’ve turned up to a conversation ten minutes late and are trying to catch up.

“We want to help women fill that knowledge gap and keep up to date in a more engaging and conversational way without the anxiety that much of the news cycle deliberately triggers”.

MyBudget founder Tammy Barton added: “MyBudget is proud to be partnering with Mamamia to launch The Quicky.

“Just like personal finance, the news can be overwhelming. When Mamamia brought this opportunity to us, we jumped at the chance to empower women by giving them more control of their lives.

“We believe that by making news and important information more accessible, we help women to get on with their day and make better choices for their future”.

The team includes ACRA-nominated journalist, newsreader and radio show presenter Claire Murphy as host, in addition to executive producer Elle Beattie and audio producer Ian Camilleri.

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