Jackie O Cleared, As Roxy’s ‘Poo Jogger’ Stink Deepens

Jackie O Cleared, As Roxy’s ‘Poo Jogger’ Stink Deepens

Radio personality Jackie Henderson is one of multiple names thrown-up as the person who’s allegedly defecating at the front entrance of PR doyenne Roxy Jacenko’s inner-Sydney offices.

Speaking to 10’s The Project last night, Jacenko revealed that the KIIS FM breakfast host was one of the many people named – albeit facetiously – when she posted CCTV footage of the act on her Instagram page and invited her 247,000 followers to “name and shame” the perpetrator.

Jacenko said she was forced to pull the footage from her social media after 6000 people offered varying accounts of who the mystery defecator could be.

“You know what, I don’t want to put the person in a position where, you know, people are throwing around names on social media. One of them was Jackie O,” Jacenko said of her decision to pull the footage that has subsequently gone viral.

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Yesterday, Jacenko revealed to News.com.au that the “nimble young blonde” in gym gear had apparently left her odorous calling card multiple times over the past four weeks, typically striking around 6am on each occasion.

As yet, the mystery woman has yet to be formally identified. It also remains unclear if the person has a vendetta towards Jacenko or simply gets off on toileting publicly. According to media reports, the police are now involved in the investigation.

Regardless, Jacenko told The Project, “I don’t want to walk in shit and nor should my staff.

“The residents in the streets are up to their eyeballs in it. They have had enough,” she said.

Yet, ever the PR queen, Jacenko said she’d happily take the woman on as a client through her Sweaty Betty PR business.

She’d be the ideal person to market adult diapers, Jacenko said with a laugh.

“She needs to come and clean it up and wear diapers. There are adult ones. I have investigated.”

However, Jacenko didn’t believe the woman was doing it through spite towards her (she has previously ruled out a disgruntled ex-employee), but believed the woman got some sort of perverse thrill out of the act.

“No, this isn’t targeted, this is a person who’s getting a thrill. Some people have sex on the beach, some people shit in the street. This is something people get off on. I get thrills having a vodka and a wedge of lime, others do this.

“People have knee jerk reactions, there were a few comments that this person definitely has irritable bowel syndrome. If she does why has she come to this street multiple times a day over the course of four weeks? You wear protection if you have that kind of an issue.”

However, Jacenko did concede the CCTV footage was grainy and it may hinder identifying the perpetrator.

“I don’t think you could clearly see who she was, for me it wasn’t necessarily about identifying this individual, it was more you’re doing it in broad daylight, there’s cameras on every facet of this building, stop doing it,” she said.

Speaking on Triple M’s breakfast program yesterday, psychotherapist Kaylene Wynn said the ‘poo jogger’ probably wasn’t motivated by hate but by power.

“It’s the ultimate power play that’s being acted out here,” Wynn told Triple M announcer Lawrence Mooney.

“The behaviour is very intentional and the motivation is usually anger or envy and it displays aggression and not just in a primal way but in a form of indictive rage.

“They become really quite invincible in this process and quite powerful in their own being, it can become addictive to them in many cases,” Wynn said.



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