Infographic: How Social Media Has Changed Everything For Sports Fans

Infographic: How Social Media Has Changed Everything For Sports Fans

The drastic change in the social media landscape over the last 10 years has had a major impact on all aspects of our lives, and the sports industry is in no way an exception.

And now UK online sports betting aggregator Betting Sites has done some research to help you understand the growing impact of social media on sports and, better still, all in handy infographic form (below).

A spokesperson for the company said: “Today, sports events and social media go hand in hand. We’re witnessing an era where every team, league, or sports association has at least one social media profile where they announce all important information.

“Moreover, it became impossible to scroll down your Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram account during a major sports event and not have your news feed overwhelmed with information, real-time gifs, vines, or memes about it. Also, almost every sports event or show has a related hashtag which creates a relationship with the audience and brings a fast response. Athletes use social media to establish their name, communicate with their fans, announce their activities, and even promote brands and make money, as they have millions of followers.”


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