“I Couldn’t Care Less!” Hanson Defiant In Face Of Today Show Ban, As Viewers Slam Decision

“I Couldn’t Care Less!” Hanson Defiant In Face Of Today Show Ban, As Viewers Slam Decision

Renegade senator Pauline Hanson has declared she “couldn’t care less” after Nine’s Today show announced she’d been banned from the breakfast program following more divisive comments.

As reported on B&T yesterday, the 66-year-old politician was given the boot by Nine management from her regular commentary role on the show after she aired, what the network described as “ill-informed” comments, about housing commission residents who are presently in lockdown in Melbourne due to CV-19.

Today’s entertainment reporter Brooke Boney even telling media she is “so happy” to see Hanson cut from the show.

Announcing the axing, Nine said in a statement: “We don’t shy away from diverse opinions and robust debate” but Hanson’s comments “were ill-informed and divisive”.

Hanson on Channel 9 Today Show

Hanson on Channel 9 Today ShowApologies for our source 'Pot-Kettle-Black'

Posted by Sovereign Union on Monday, 6 July 2020

“A lot of them are drug addicts as well, they are getting their medication, they are alcoholics so they’re being looked after in that way,” Hanson told Today viewers.

“The government has taken food to them, they get paid extra money, they are getting methadone, they are given the drugs, they are looking after their addictions, what is your problem?”

Hanson also suggested that some of the residents who have fled war-torn countries would be used to such conditions and again banged on about their inability to speak English.

Speaking on her ban, Hanson took to more congenial surrounds last night, telling Sky’s The Bolt Report she “didn’t regret” any of her comments.

“I couldn’t care less about whether I go on Channel Nine or not,” the senator said while wearing a jumper adorned with the Australian flag.

“I don’t believe I was divisive at all, I raised issues that have concerned me for 25 years.

“English should be your first language and … you should learn English. People have been in this country for many, many years and still don’t know English,” Hanson told host Andrew Bolt.

On her Nine ban, Hanson added: “It’s always the same, ‘let’s shut her down’, if I say something that upsets the left.

“If we are going to allow the left to shut us down, we won’t have true democracy in this nation. If they don’t want me, don’t vote for me. If they don’t like it, tough.”

Asked by Bolt if there was anything she regretted, Hanson said, “No I don’t. What I read about the methadone and there is alcohol addiction. I shouldn’t probably have said … that.”

The firebrand pollie then claimed that responses to her banning on both her own Facebook page and Today’s were “all good, no negativity”.

And a quick perusal of Today’s Facebook page suggests Hanson could well be right.

“Very disappointed with the Today show. Pauline’s gone then so am I. Changing over to Sunrise. Pauline only repeated what was said by the Victorian Government and the newspapers. Shame on you. Very biased of you. Pauline says what most people think but to gutless to say it,” one person posted.

Another added: “Pauline gone, I’m gone !!! What happened to freedom of speech?”

“Well I won’t be watching anymore then as whether you like it or not she represents the same opinions as alot of ppl who are to afraid to speak out! Shame on you Today,” railed another fan.

“So someone who speaks the truth gets the boot? I don’t think she would of wanted to return to your program either after today. She has her views and she is allowed to not be rolled up into the same sheep farm as everyone else supposedly is,” penned another.






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