Hopelessly Not In Love This Valentine’s Day? Cheer Yourself Up With This Quirky Spot From Google

Hopelessly Not In Love This Valentine’s Day? Cheer Yourself Up With This Quirky Spot From Google
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Google Indonesia is showing its support to all those who are single, dateless, almost-but-not-quite paired up or ‘friend-zoned’ this Valentine’s day.

Yuk Move On” (Let’s Move On) is an ode to all the singles, heartbroken and hopelessly not in love, yet at the heart of the campaign, it’s all about how Google apps can help you move on from your singledom and embrace your life as it is.

Created by Finnish creative agency Superson, the ad is a reminder about the importance of self-love and celebrating life.

According to Google’s brand and creative lead for Southeast Asia Mira Sumanti, the campaign taps into one of the most frequently searched keywords on Google in Indonesia: “cara move on” (how to move on).”

The quirky ad promotes Nine different Google apps and how they can help you move on from a past relationship.

For example, Google Photos’ facial recognition helps users identify the face of their ex-partners so they can put them in the past, while Google Assistant is always by the users’ side to off support and help them move on.

Google also created a “Moving On Kit” to go alongside the campaign. It sent the kits to some of Indonesia’s most prominent single influencers and content creators, encouraging them to try Google apps and share their moving on stories.

Sumanti said: “At Google, we want to organize the world’s information to make it universally accessible and useful. Valentine’s day is no exception. With this campaign, we are trying to bring a fresh perspective to other groups during this ‘love month’.”

“The need to move on transcends beyond age, gender, and boundaries. It is something that is universally relevant to everyone. It started with a simple ‘what-if’ conversation among Googlers and became a real-life, nationwide campaign. We would like to thank all the partners, agencies and influencers who believed in this idea, supported us, and made it happen.”



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