Hat Tip: Friday September 20

Hat Tip: Friday September 20

Another working week is about to bite the dust, so take a few minutes out today to check out this week’s Friday Hat Tip, courtesy of Hardhat Digital.

This week’s selection of internet oddities includes a selection of the most insane – and arguably dangerous – sports from around the world, a toy meth lab and discover Pixar’s storytelling secrets.

But first up, Starbucks is tapping into an opportunity in China. Coffee isn’t the favourite beverage over there – but sofa space is in high demand. Starbucks is renting out comfy couches, turning its cafes into ‘public living rooms’.

Sydney artist Alex Seton has come up with some new pieces that blur the lines between sight and touch.

The internet is enabling the sharing of love and hate more than ever before – but which emotion is the most viral?

Imagine what you would get when you cross Breaking Bad with Lego. Lego, however, frowns upon drugs and violence.

Surely there must be a solution out there to combat that irritating problem of standers-still blocking escalators when you want to walk past. Someone might have come up with it.

Here, Pixar shares its 22 rules of storytelling.

We will never be lucky enough to meet the business genius that was Steve Jobs, but we can read the stories of people who did

And the most insane sports from around the world? See them here: 

And finally, get a taste of a bird’s eye view – for real:

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