Groupe GM Introduces Ecofill As Part Of Its Care About Earth initiative

Groupe GM Introduces Ecofill As Part Of Its Care About Earth initiative
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Groupe GM has announced the launch of Ecofill, the first refillable cosmetics dispenser on the market that is 100 per cent traceable.

The Ecofill dispenser is one of Groupe GM’s Care About Earth initiatives, which aim to reduce the group’s carbon footprint and contribute to sustainability for generations to come.

Through the Care About Earth program – Groupe GM’s comprehensive development initiative covering all the company’s environmental and social actions.

Care About Earth launched in 2018 and since Groupe GM has launched several sustainable initiatives that are helping it become as environmentally friendly and aware as possible.

Its latest sustainable effort the Ecofill dispenser is made from either recycled and recyclable plastic with a translucent matt finish, or from recyclable transparent polycarbonate that can be coloured.

The device also has a ‘Stay Clean’ system in place, that makes it more hygienic and less prone to contamination when changing pouches. In comparison to a traditional refill system, the Ecofill dispenser has a zero bacteria risk, as the Ecofill pouch is sealed.

Groupe GM’s clients that are looking. to use and work with the Ecofill can get a customised design in line with their brand identity.


Laurent Marchand, president of Groupe GM, said: “As a company, our priority lies in contributing to a sustainable future. Through our Care About Earth program, we are committed to the protection of the environment and to corporate social responsibility.

“We are very excited about the launch of our new project, Ecofill. It is an innovative, sustainable and eco-designed dispenser that adds significant value to our portfolio of sustainable initiatives.

“This dispenser is not just eco-friendly, refillable, reusable and traceable; it is also a clean, safe, fast and easy solution with an environmental impact that is close to zero.

“Each 400 ml sealed pouch contains just 8 g of recyclable plastic packaging and guarantees full formula traceability. The design is both aesthetic and ensures ease of use.”

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