“Get The F*kn Jab!” This Drug-Infused Swear Monster Could Well Be The Best Pro-Vax Ad Yet!

“Get The F*kn Jab!” This Drug-Infused Swear Monster Could Well Be The Best Pro-Vax Ad Yet!

[B&T warns this article contains language and imagery that some readers may find offensive.] As B&T has covered exhaustively in recent months (even launching our own industry initiative), the hunt for an effective pro-vaccination ad has thrown up more rocks than it has diamonds.

Much of the government-led stuff had been labelled too negative and the messaging ineffective, with agencies behind the spots going so far to even deny their actual involvement (much like federal elections!)

However, a new spot that’s been circulating on social media and has happened across the B&T news desk  could well be the best pro-jab ad yet.

Called “Get The F*kn Jab”, the 30-second spot is as effective as it is offensive.

B&T’s tried to hunt down the ad’s creator, but with little success. So, if it’s you or anyone you know, get in contact with us and we’ll give credit where it’s due.

The murky spot follows what appears to be a mother and her son chatting on the couch. The son is seen imbibing what appears to be a host of illicit substances while the mother draws on a cigarette. The conversation then turns to their fear of vaccinations due to their unknown ingredients. You get the gist.

It’s rude, it’s crude, but it works. Check it out below. And again, B&T does warn it contains themes and language that some readers may regard as inappropriate.










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    1. The actors are Bev Killick (myself) and Beau Stegmann. By Hugo Kohler films and an amazing camera and production team. Stay tuned for more. There’s another one on its way.

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