Five Of The Most Iconic Ad Campaigns In Mad Men

Five Of The Most Iconic Ad Campaigns In Mad Men

Yes, you might be wondering why you’re reading another article about Mad Men, but with the release tomorrow of part two of the final season on DVD we thought it timely to take a look back at some of the iconic ad campaigns used throughout the series.

With the help of PR agency Bang PR, we devised the below list. Is there one that deserves to be on the list? Let us know!


Mad Men honoured one of the most iconic ad campaigns from Coca-Cola in the final ever episode, the ‘Hilltop’ campaign with the song “I would like to buy the world a coke”.

After the series finale aired, Business Insider took a look back through all the times Coke had revived the ad in various different formats, such as Christmas specials, for the Super Bowl etc.

The ad was originally developed by Bill Backer from McCann, however in the episode it’s Don Draper, the main creative guy, who comes up with the idea while on a relaxation retreat.


Before digital cameras were invented, Kodak really had its moment. To honour the technology company in season one of Mad Men, Draper pitches the idea of the Kodak slide projector using images of his own family.

In March this year AMC launched a Carousel app for fans of the show to be part of the action. Check out the action on Mashable here.

Heinz Baked Beans

Who doesn’t love some baked beans? Clearly the Mad Men gang loved them, pitching one of the Heinz ads within season five.

The tagline envisioned, ‘some things never change’ was thought up by Draper’s wife, Megan Clavet.


The luxurious car brand got a big promotion in season five of the series, when Draper positioned the brand as the other woman in a man’s life.

The pitch was rather controversial though  as office manager Joan Holloway Harris had to spend the night with the head of Jaguar as part of the pitch.

Jaguar was reportedly pretty surprised with the turn of events, however told AdAge they were confident people would understand it was a fictional show, and not something that actually happened.

Watch the pitch below.

Hilton Hotels

The veteran hotel brand also got some free publicity when Draper was tasked with making the hotel chain global. The taglines of ‘how do you say _____ in ______? Hilton’ were used throughout the pitch.

However, the client Conrad Hilton wanted the Hilton to be on the moon.

Watch the pitch below.


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