Fast Food Giant In Strife Over “Tone-Deaf” Ad Full Of Tawdry Groin Gags

Fast Food Giant In Strife Over “Tone-Deaf” Ad Full Of Tawdry Groin Gags

American fast food chain Jack In The Box is copping some serious social media backlash after its latest campaign came filled with schoolboy gags about testicles.

The ad’s for the company’s new range of Teriyaki Bowls but works hard to ensure “bowls” sounds very much like “balls” and delivers such superlative copywriting as: “Everyone’s going to want to get their hands on Jack’s bowls!” Get it?

Not that the company itself appears to mind, after all, it recently promoted its range of Munchie Meals to stoners. Check out the offending ad below:

Comments to social media were divided. Some suggesting the ad was “tone deaf” in the current climate of the #MeToo movement while others thought it was all good, harmless fun.

“Umm, Look Around! THIS Is What Happens When Society Gets More Crass, Tolerates Nonsense & Lower ‘Classy’ Bar Below Whale Droppings!” one person wrote to Twitter. While another added: “Why do i feel like i just got sexually harassed by a jack in the box ad…?”

“Jack in the Box is known for off colour and controversial ads that get people talking. This is simply not the right time. They could have done something smart without fishing for “balls” jokes. #MeToo era or not, the creatives need to get more creative,” said another.

However, Jack In The Box is sticking to its guns, saying the playful ad is what people expect of the brand.

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