Design Community Solves The Mystery of Missing Kim Jong-Un

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The North Korean leader has been MIA for almost six weeks and the crowdsourcers at DesignCrowd got to work melding their investigative skills with their Photoshop prowess to deliver some imaginative explanations for his whereabouts.

DesignCrowd is a crowdsourcing platform where businesses can connect with hundreds of thousands of designers from around the globe.

It works like this: a business posts a brief online and designers pick which briefs apply to them and submit their designs. Simple.

The DesignCrowd issued this brief to its designers:

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has just been sighted for the first time, after being completely AWOL for almost 6 weeks.

What did Kim Jong-un do with his time out of the office? Where was he?

We want you to photoshop Kim Jong-un in a variety of leisure, holiday pastimes, or anywhere else you anticipate he’s been hiding.

The most creative design, and the one that gives us the greatest laugh has the best chance of winning.

The best entrant pocketed $250 for their efforts and all entries can be viewed here.

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