Check Out The Goofy New Stuff From Macca’s And Burger King

Check Out The Goofy New Stuff From Macca’s And Burger King

Burger behemoths McDonald’s and Burger King have both released new work with Macca’s continuing its noble and global push around street litter, while BK continues to play up the utter absurdity of its customers.

In Burger King’s new work via creative agency David Buenos Aires, there’s two ads featuring apparent real 911 calls from disgruntled customers who called the cops after their drive-through orders didn’t meet their expectations. The absurd requests quickly defused by befuddled call centre operations.

Not that it’s all about laughing at dumb people, the aim of the aids is to inform aggrieved customers that their complaints are best handled via the chain’s new online customer experience survey. Check out the hilarious spots below:

Meanwhile, rival McDonald’s continues its outrage over litter bugs not using street rubbish bins.

The latest work comes out of Belgium via the brand’s incumbent agency TBWA\Belgium and features three iterations called Unmissable Big Bin, Unmissable Bin Royal and Unmissable Bin Deluxe.

McDonald’s has photographed actual trash cans to make them look like tasty new menu items.

The images were shot by the same photography that does the brand’s food styling for its advertising work. Check the new campaign below:





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