Carnival Cruise Line Australia Rolls Out ‘Honeyboomers 3.0’ In Latest Campaign via Redengine SCC

Carnival Cruise Line Australia Rolls Out ‘Honeyboomers 3.0’ In Latest Campaign via Redengine SCC

Carnival Cruise Line Australia has rolled out its latest campaign ‘Honeyboomers 3.0’ created by Redengine SCC.

The campaign marks the third year running of the Honeyboomers campaign and this year is concentrating on extending the fun to couples looking for some holiday fun with each other and with their friends.

Whilst previous campaigns have focused solely on couples in need of a ‘Honeyboom’, this time the agency’s challenge was to approach the idea with a fresh lens: your personal relationship isn’t the only one in need of a little attention and reuniting with friends over a cruise in the perfect way to create long-lasting memories together.

The online campaign stars real-life Carnival Cruise Line Australia customers and self-confessed cruise addicts, Simon and Kelly O’Keeffe.

The couple, married for 23 years, were asked to nominate a friendship couple they would like to reconnect with on an all-expenses paid cruise.

Redengine SCC filmed the surprise reunion and also documented how a Carnival Cruise helped the couples to reconnect and re-establish their bonds as a friendship group.

Redengine SCC creative director, Duncan Shields, said: “After a decade or more focusing all of their energy on work and raising their kids, Honeyboomers are ready and eager to spend some quality time with the people that matter most – their partner and favourite friends.

“Time together free from carpools, Saturday sport, work deadlines and dishes, parents can finally get back to being the fun people they were before the kids. Plus, going on a Honeyboom cruise with your favourite couple means some unforgettable memories are bound to be made.”

Carnival Cruise Line Australia marketing director, Jayne Andrews added: “Whilst Carnival is known for being the family cruise line, our holidays are also popular with couples looking for a fun-filled holiday experience.

“Over the past few years we’ve noticed a rise in couples enjoying a Honeyboom, now their kids are old enough to stay at home. And, more recently, a trend for these couples is to bring their friends along as well. It was great to work with Simon and Kelly, our real-life Honeyboomers and to help them share the Carnival experience with their friends.”

The campaign is supported by PR, social, retail and customer communications.

Campaign Credits:

Client: Carnival Cruise Line Australia
Marketing Director: Jayne Andrews
PR and Social Media Executive: Anja Cohen

Creative Agency: Redengine SCC
Creative Director: Duncan Shields
Assistant Creative Director: Ben Harrison
Strategy Director: Paul Isbell
Account Director: Chloe McCormack
Account Manager: Madie Zillhardt
Associate Planner: Michael Waddups
Senior Producer: Brynn Fulcher

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