B&T & Tealium Want You To Come For Breakfast

B&T & Tealium Want You To Come For Breakfast

B&T is coming to Melbourne for a very special event, diving into how businesses can boost their return on investment (ROI) at a critical time for marketers and data professionals.

We will take over The Glasshouse in Melbourne’s CBD on 8 June for a very tasty breakfast with Tealium — and you’re invited!

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Kieran Smith, Tealium’s director of solutions consulting, ANZ will be joined by two experts from Bupa to explain everything you need to know about customer data platforms (CDPs): Ed Aspinall, head of customer analytics and Binnu Verma, customer data platform & digital analytics manager.

At the breakfast (which will be delicious, by the way) the trio will serve up some tasty and tantalising insights on customer data platforms and how they can transform your business.

The Bupa team have significant experience with Tealium’s CDP and how it enabled them to grow their ROI. They’ll discuss why the tech was so transformative for the business — to the point of mandating a dedicated CDP manager role — and why the tool was necessary for the company.

The team from Bupa will be able to explain how they deployed their CDP and the type of conversations that staff need to have in order to get the ball rolling. Plus, they’ll explain the most important stakeholders to engage with and at what point in the process to get the ball rolling on setting up what is, after all, a very complex piece of software.

Plus, Bupa will explain why Tealium’s CDP helped it get a lead on protecting its customers’ data and how it has helped the business boost its bottom line. From being able to better target customers with marketing messages to helping other teams throughout the company manage their data strategies better, the team will explain why Tealium’s CDP was a game-changing piece of tech for Bupa.

While a CDP might seem like a pure tech proposition, the scale and breadth of its abilities make it a piece of software that the whole business needs to buy into and will benefit from. Getting Verma and Aspinall’s insights on how to scope out, deploy and make the most of a CDP stands to benefit any marketer in the Melbourne (or even the wider Victoria) area.

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