What Brand Colours Say About Your Business: Marketo Research

What Brand Colours Say About Your Business: Marketo Research

The most prominent brands in the world are defined by their colours, and Australian ones are no exception.  Think about Qantas, Westpac and Coles’ bright red, Woolworths’s green and its slogan “The Fresh People” and Optus’ positivity with its bright yellow ‘YES’.

These companies, like many others, strategically use colours in their logo and branding to appeal to customers and be positioned as industry leaders. As a B2C or B2B marketer, it is important to know what colours say about your business.

It is proven that different colours can provoke different emotions. For example, Cadbury’s chocolate brand colour is purple, as this represents wealth, royalty, and richness which also has associations to leadership and revenue, thus positioning Cadbury, from a consumer perspective, as the leading supplier of quality chocolate. Integrating the right colours with a brand will help achieve the highest impact.

In this infographic, we put the rainbow under a microscope to find out how each colour can help you connect better and more with customers.


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