Australian Women’s Weekly Loses Over 500,000 Readers: emma Data

Australian Women’s Weekly Loses Over 500,000 Readers: emma Data

The monthly emma data has returned once again, giving us an insight into the readership of our Aussie print products and providing new perspectives to that of AMAA’s circulation figures.

Looking to the average issue readership in print magazines, Coles and Woolworths magazines remain king, with over three million readers per issue each (and Woolies inching close to four million).

This month’s report showsAustralian Women’s Weekly suffering further losses from its readership figures, with last month dropping to 2.436 million, and this month plummeting 536,000 readers to 1.9 million.

Better Homes and Gardens reports 2.2 million readers per issue, Woman’s Day sat at 1.7 million, and New Idea had 1.5 million.

In the cross-platform magazine field, continues to dominate, with a total readership of 4.1 million per month, with the majority of this (3.598 million) coming from digital readership. This is back up from its dip last month where it fell to 3.98 million, but still not matching its record 4.4 million the month prior.

Following closely are Woman’s Day and New Idea, boasting total readership figures of 3.2 million and 2.88 million, respectively. Woman’s Day saw a growth from its 3.029 million last month.




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