Anti-Smoking Ad Focuses On Saving Cats And Cat Videos

Anti-Smoking Ad Focuses On Saving Cats And Cat Videos

Anti-smoking organisation aimed at US teens ‘The Truth’ has used some interesting logic to stop the kool kids from smoking the death sticks; its latest campaign focuses on the #CATmageddon because cats are twice as likely to get cancer if their owner smokes.

According to the ad below from 72andSunny, if there are no more cats in the world then there will be no more adorable cat videos! Thus, quitting smoking is critical to staving off #CATmageddon.

The Truth site says: “Pets who live in homes with smokers are two times more likely to die of cancer. We love dogs. We love cats. We’re fairly neutral on snakes, but lizards are awesome. Overall, you can say we’re HUGE animal people. Which is why we’re not just here to make big changes in the human world—we gotta take care of the animal kingdom, too.”

“Not only do cats who live in homes with smokers potentially breathe smoke-filled air if/when their owner smokes in the same room, cats are also excellent at sprawling out on the couch, the chairs, or, later (because their owners are not blowing smoke in their cat’s face RIGHT RIGHT RIIIIIIIGHT), in the incredibly comfortable lap of a smoker (all laps are comfy, cats told us so), and all these things have toxic particles present from tobacco smoke.”

The campaign is encouraging people to change their profile picture to stop the CATmageddon:


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