Amber Harrison “Is A Serial Predator Of Married Men”

Amber Harrison “Is A Serial Predator Of Married Men”

Conservative columnist Miranda Devine has used her latest column in Sydney’s The Daily Telegraph to give a withering assessment of the fallout from Amber Harrison’s affair and subsequent legal battle with Seven and its CEO Tim Worner.

In her opinion piece (which you can read in full here) the often controversial Devine has described Harrison as a “serial predator of married men” and men like Worner who fall for women like Harrison as “pathetic fools”.

The column comes with the less than subtle headline, “Amber Harrison and Tim Worner have only themselves to blame”.

“Let’s get this straight from the start. Amber Harrison is no victim. She’s a serial predator of married men,” Devine wrote.

“We all know these women. They stalk married men at their workplace. A wedding ring turns them on. Competing with a wife for her husband’s fidelity is a juicy challenge, and the more devoted the husband to his wife, the harder they will try.

“They will be unreasonably jealous of the wife, although they have no right to ownership of the man. They actually enjoy the power they wield over his unsuspecting family.”

Devine notes that Worner managed to keep his job through the entire fiasco, unlike the poor unfortunates at the AFL over the weekend, however, “his marriage is damaged, his reputation is in tatters and Seven’s culture altered for the worse” before adding of the embattled CEO, “who will forever be a laughing stock in this town.”

Harrison, Devine said, has no right to claim she is the victim of a “boy’s club” either, nor “invoke the sisterhood” when you sleep with another woman’s husband.

“[Harrison] made her own bed. Broke, lonely, unemployable and heading towards middle age, she only has herself to blame,” Devine penned. Ouch!

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