All About Attribution: Commission Factory Releases New eBook

All About Attribution: Commission Factory Releases New eBook
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Affiliate Marketing Network Commission Factory has released a free eBook that takes a deep dive into attribution.

The concept of attribution is familiar in affiliate marketing, but the term has received much more attention in recent years. It’s not uncommon for marketers to incorporate multiple marketing channels in their overarching plan, but how is the effectiveness of these channels measured?

Affiliate Marketing network Commission Factory offers insights into this question and more in its new eBook Mastering Cross-Channel Attribution in Affiliate Marketing.

With businesses scrutinising their marketing spend in a tight economy, there’s more pressure to understand the contribution of different marketing channels. Attribution helps marketers determine the role and weight of individual marketing channels in influencing consumer purchase decisions.

The eBook offers an insightful read, exploring the concept of attribution in affiliate marketing. Both new and seasoned marketers will find valuable attribution learnings, such as the role of attribution in marketing channels, common marketing attribution models, and how marketers can optimise their attribution reports.

“We’re excited to be releasing this resource to marketers, especially when there are so many new opportunities in the industry! The eBook was a collective effort from our team based on what we know as industry insiders. Our goal is to help marketers get the most out of their marketing channels by understanding the what’s and how’s of attribution,” said Angelique Bosse, product marketing manager at Commission Factory.

Cross-Channel Attribution – A holistic attribution approach

The Mastering Cross-Channel Attribution in Affiliate Marketing eBook also introduces Cross-Channel Attribution Reports– a game-changing in-platform feature from Commission Factory. The methodology used in the reports is algorithmic attribution, a data-driven and personalised by client approach. It uses algorithms and statistical models to analyse the impact of each touchpoint on the likelihood of conversion and assigns credit accordingly.

Cross-Channel Attribution reporting allows Commission Factory advertisers to see the accurate value of each marketing channel and affiliate partner in customer conversions. Advertisers can get a holistic view of their channels and affiliates’ contributions, empowering them to make better marketing decisions and improve their partnerships.

How do advertisers benefit?

  • Enhanced visibility into the end-to-end user journey
  • Accurate quantification of the value provided by different marketing channels
  • Improved understanding of affiliate contributions
  • Recognition and remuneration of early-stage publishers
  • Optimization of marketing spend based on channel impact

Mastering Cross-Channel Attribution in Affiliate Marketing is now available for download at the Commission Factory website – click here for more information.

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