Adtech Company MediaDonuts Launches In Oz

Adtech Company MediaDonuts Launches In Oz

MediaDonuts is opening an Australian office based in Melbourne. The Company originated in Belgium in 2010 and has expanded rapidly in the APAC region over the last 4 years.

In what is a challenging landscape for agencies to thrive, MediaDonuts has managed to sustain and grow by enabling brands to connect with Gen Z & Millennial audiences through premium partnerships with rapidly growing media platforms such as Twitter, Spotify, TikTok, Tinder, Webtoon, Activision Blizzard, and many more.

In addition to its media representation business, MediaDonuts offers a wide range of digital
performance solutions using its extensive technology stack that the company has been
developing and enhancing over the past 10 years.

‘We are excited to launch MediaDonuts in Australia’ says Pieter-Jan de Kroon, Managing Partner at MediaDonuts. ‘We enable brands to build blue ocean digital media strategies focussed on new, fast-growing platforms to connect with GenZ & Millennial audiences in a more authentic and unique way. This drives superior engagement and increased return on ad spend. We look forward to partnering with agencies and brands in Australia to unlock the true potential of these platforms.’

The Australian market will be spearheaded by James Diamond, who has spent his career working in both supplier and client-side Adtech and Martech roles and has a track record leading some of the most successful global campaigns and brand strategies.

James is a passionate advocate for digital advertising and the opportunity that MediaDonuts presents to Australian brands in unlocking exclusive access to the most progressive media channels, targeting the most influential audience segments.



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