ADMA Launches Cookie Masterclass

ADMA Launches Cookie Masterclass

Cookies have been central to every good marketers’ digital marketing strategy. And now Google is pulling the plug on it. Add to that the obvious compliance measures that will change through regulatory developments and it all overlaps with understanding Cookies.

Now is the time for Marketers to take action and ensure their knowledge and skills will allow their campaigns to remain successful in the cookie-less environment.

Andrea Martens, CEO ADMA [pictured] said: “The buck will stop with Marketers. They are the ones who own the customer relationship, and it is up to them to have the right conversations with their internal and external teams. The obvious changes that an unprepared business will see in its bottom line and risk exposure will end up being reflected directly in areas that fall under the responsibility of marketing.”

Marketers will need to understand how they have a relationship with their current and potential customers in the future. Where there was a reliance on tech platforms to provide this opportunity, this will now be removed, and businesses will need to look at developing first-party data. Currently, marketers have cookies at the core of their digital plans. Things like personalisation, audience targeting and re-targeting, tracking and measurement rely on third-party cookies.

The third-party cookie’s greatest benefit to Marketers is its ability to remember information and create non-relevant personalised experiences for consumers. The loss of this could render a Marketer’s brand to become increasingly absent from their targeted audience. Moving forward data ownership, transparent use of data and
consent management will become the foundation of any marketing strategy.

ADMA has launched a Cookie Masterclass to ensure that marketing and advertising teams have answers to all the questions that will be asked of them.

“We have taken the position that we need to provide the industry with the tools to future proof their businesses and careers,” Martens said .

Where marketers were once able to rely solely on their agencies and technology partners, they will now need to have the knowledge internally as it will have a material business impact, potentially resulting in revenue loss and more than likely resulting in a completely different way of operating. This is an opportunity for
marketers to mitigate risk for their businesses and guide their Boards through this time.

The seven-week course commences 11th May and will comprise of a weekly onehour lunchtime session, conducted online.


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