Adam Ferrier & Brent Smart Are Back In Black… T-Shirts

Adam Ferrier & Brent Smart Are Back In Black… T-Shirts
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Adam Ferrier and Brent Smart are back for series 3 of their groundbreaking podcast Black T-Shirts, the only podcast in the world dedicated to XXL creativity for business.

The podcast has achieved cult-like status with many businesspeople around the world as it unpacks the processes of some of the world’s most successful commercially creative practitioners in agencies, marketing, and consultancy.

This year the guests include some of the world’s top executive creative directors and marketers. However, it also includes artists, and provocateurs like Cj Hendry, who will feature as a guest on episode 1 in the series. Cj Hendry, famous for building her name as an artist on Instagram, has taken an extremely unconventional route to becoming a highly acclaimed artist. Her work now commands eye-watering prices, as she refers to herself as ‘an average artist but a brilliant marketer’. Cj shares her love of process and Pinterest in the development of her groundbreaking ideas.

Joining her in the first drop of episodes is Samira Ansari, chief creative officer of one of the biggest and best in the business, Ogilvy New York. Samira will explain why her creative challenge to her people is ‘get me into trouble’, and how this encouragement to go rogue results in better creative outputs.

Speaking of going rogue, Black T-Shirts will be sponsored this year by mixed media modelling platform Mutinex. “Mutinex is a brilliant foundation for marketers to know what to spend and what return they’ll get on that spend. It sets the foundation for great creative ideas to be even more effective. We’re keen for people to see the symbiotic relationship that creativity and data can have,” said Mutinex co-founder Henry Innis.

All episodes of Black T-Shirts will be available via premium podcast creators MIK Made.

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