ABC Releases Gripping Trailer Of Cleverman Featuring Indigenous Superhero

ABC Releases Gripping Trailer Of Cleverman Featuring Indigenous Superhero

ABC TV has released the trailer for its upcoming TV show Cleverman, a sci-fi drama series about rifts in society.

The show is rooted in Aboriginal dreamtime mythology and is set in a future-like world.

The series looks at two sides of humanity – one side includes the ‘other humans’, and a side that must be investigated and taken away as they are not like the others. Superhero Cleverman is the one who can save them.

The show is launched in conjunction with US studio SundanceTV and is set to air on June 2 on ABC and ABC iView.

“I have a huge love of superheroes and comics. It got me thinking about creating something cultural that my young son could connect to on a superhero basis,” said Ryan Griffen, concept originator.

“I wanted to bring something Aboriginal, indigenous, to that world. As the son of a light-skinned Aboriginal man and a light-skinned Aboriginal woman, it was important for me that my son had a cultural superhero that he could look up to as a young Aboriginal person… something he could connect to that was also entertaining.”

Check out the trailer below.

The cast is 80 per cent indigenous Australians.

Cleverman marks a new era for Australia’s production sector, inviting audiences to experience a bold new story-world where Aboriginal storytelling meets high concept genre drama,” said Sally Riley, head of indigenous, ABC TV.

“With an 80 per cent indigenous cast, Cleverman sets the benchmark for diversity on Australian television and its contemporary themes set in the near future will resonate widely amongst diverse audiences. We are delighted that our co-partners SundanceTV will screen the show to its US audiences in line with when our Australian audiences will experience it. A global television event for an indigenous authored show…we’re excited!”

“At its heart, Cleverman is a thrilling and sophisticated drama filled with conflict, unrest and smart storytelling,” put in Joel Stillerma, president of original programming and development for AMC and SundanceTV.

“The show presents an allegorical view of some of the timeliest and urgent discussions going on our world right now – our collective treatment of minority groups and what common values we share that make us a society.

“What’s more, the show will feed our audience’s appetite for intrigue while adding an engrossing mix of fantasy. This is the type of program SundanceTV is known for, and we are proud to share this with audiences in the U.S. at the same time as our co-partners in Australia.”

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