This week Inga Van Kyck discovers her agency is abuzz with buzz

This week Inga Van Kyck discovers her agency is abuzz with buzz

OMG! So excited about Hot Dave, our new Head of Digital Data Strategy and Creative Innovative Brand Content. He’s the smartest dude I’ve ever met.

We had an in-house workshop the other day and Hot Dave told us that he’s got this awesome new idea for advertising called “Buzz”. Buzz is going to revolutionise the industry, because once you’ve created the right amount of Buzz, then you can become a challenger marketer and increase your penetration and go viral even when everybody is multi-screening.

The trick is you’ve got to determine your success metrics and define the KPIs upfront so you don’t get sidetracked by stuff that measures stuff and end up drowning in pools of data. Hot Dave reckons too many agencies these days try to be a one-stop shop but they’re confusing a one-stop shop with having a one-stop brain.

Personally I reckon Hot Dave’s got a non-stop brain which is what makes him sooooo hot coz as my Mum always says the brain is the sexiest male organ of them all (after the big toe), which is why she got rid of dad coz he didn’t have one (a brain, that is – he had a big toe but it had a festering in-grown toenail on it) and she was tired of being intellectually unstimulated and sexually unfulfilled.

Anyway, Hot Dave also reckons that in today’s world of limited attention spans and fragmenting agency models, Buzz is the only way to break through the clutter and cut-through the hypnotic miasma of I.O. (information overload). He also reckons that it’s essential that you keep creative control of your Buzz, and make sure that your Buzz is consistent with your brand story. He says that all of the resources you need to create Buzz can be found by focusing on creative international benchmarks, which is really relevant to me and my brand coz creatively the ads I run are every bit as good as the ones we run in Malaysia and Slovakia and Brazil coz in fact they are exactly the same ads we run in Malaysia and Slovakia and Brazil except I re-dub them (and sometimes change the packshot, which I do at one of those post production houses over the bridge that are going bankrupt.)

I always thought that Buzz meant agency gossip, (as in “have you heard the Buzz, Inga’s banging the new CEO?”) but Hot Dave reckons that it’s a far more complicated strategic concept than that, and that he’s spent months studying how Buzz influences market share and builds brand momentum. He’s even preparing a special powerpoint preso with his own special Buzzmentum Charts so that we can show prospective new clients how we can generate Buzz for far less than they spend on their traditional advertising budgets and maximize return beyond their wildest dreams. Soooooo exciting. All with Buzz.

The point is that the feral creatives all think that advertising is about ideas which is sooooo last century. Hot Dave reckons my grasp of strategic creativity is second to none and he’s asked me out next week so we can have a more in-depth chat about Buzz over Szechuan steak and a bottle or two of Pinot Gris at Mr Wongs. I think he’s secretly in love with my brain!

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