Palmer’s bid to use spoof Gruen ad

Palmer’s bid to use spoof Gruen ad

The spoof Clive Palmer ad created by 303Lowe for last week’s episode of Gruen Nation has attracted the attention of the man himself.

The Palmer United Party has requested to use the ad, ‘He’s no politician, vote Clive Palmer’, as part of its official campaign.

But the ABC has denied the party that permission.

The spot mixes together clips from the likes of Julia Gillard, Tony Abbott, Bob Katter, Kevin Rudd to come up with lines such as ‘the government believes Clive Palmer has got no experience in new taxes, but I most certainly think Clive Palmer doesn’t understand red tape’, and ‘Clive Palmer thinks that anything is possible’.

A statement on the Gruen Planet website says: “Yesterday we got a call from the Palmer United party team, asking if they could use last week’s pro-Clive Pitch ad, by 303Lowe, for their real campaign. The answer, of course, was no. The ABC can’t provide support to a political party.”

Jon McKie, chief strategic officer at 303Lowe, said: “Promoting the PUP was always going to be a difficult brief. It’s great that we won the Gruen pitch on the night, but even more satisfying that Clive thought it good enough to put on air as his official party advertising.”

303Lowe's pro-Palmer spot: 

303Lowe was up against Havas for last week’s Pitch. Havas created an anti-Clive Palmer spot: 

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