Burger King's anti pre-roll pre-roll

Burger King's anti pre-roll pre-roll

Burger King knows pre-roll ads are frustrating, instead of avoiding them the fast-food chain’s agency Colenso BBDO made 64.

The full release and video about how Burger King attempted to turn the "worst thing on the internet into LOLZ" are here:

Youtube ads are a highly effective way to reach young guys. There’s just one problem: they hate them. So instead of making one, Colenso BBDO and Burger King made sixty-four.

Using analysis of media consumption, each pre-roll ad was written specifically to the videos most popular with BK’s target market. Movie trailers, music videos, sports, comedians, compilations, talk shows and more. Sixty-four customised Youtube ads that acknowledged how annoying they were.

The anti pre-roll campaign turned a media placement that consumers loathed into the perfect place to have a conversation.

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