360-Degree View Of The Customer: What Does It Really Mean?

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It seems almost everyone in marketing is talking about a ‘360-degree view’ of the customer at the moment. It’s a phrase that has come to represent a truly comprehensive customer journey.

But what does it really look like to have the fabled 360-degree view?

Going beyond the buzz phrase, a 360-degree view means the ability to track the user journey across the various different mediums they might engage in.

With businesses now relying on an increasingly diverse set of systems and channels just to operate, there is always going to be at-risk customers who will be lost in the digital cracks.

Data from social media can become siloed from your Marketing Automation data, while your CRM information might not cooperate with your email marketing analytics.

This is a problem that is further exacerbated when you look at potential customers.

Content management systems (CMS) offer a way for marketers to synthesise all of this valuable consumer data in one place.

But traditional CMSs bring with them some limitations. For example, some systems can be inflexible in their offerings to marketers.

With Progress’s Sitefinity, marketers are given an omni-channel control center with deep integration of Microsoft Azure.

Sitefinity allows marketers to create a detailed profile of groups of users to help consolidate information on a user.

With pressure on marketers to protect customer privacy continually mounting, the system even allows users to build the profile of an anonymous lead.

Additionally, the online behaviour tracking technology allows marketers to look at the broad spectrum of customer interactions on a website – whether that be page views or downloads – to attribute the activity of a user to a particular section of a sales funnel.

Beyond the website, Sitefinity also enables users to integrate data from across the various different corners of the internet through connections into Marketo, Elequa and Hubspot.

Did someone say something about a 360-degree view?

To find out more, visit the Progress Sitefinity website or request a demo to see how Sitefinity can meet for your needs.


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