Zara Slammed For Using Thin Models To Promote Its “Curvy” Jeans

Zara Slammed For Using Thin Models To Promote Its “Curvy” Jeans

Global fashion retailer Zara’s has found itself in a spot of strife after it used skinny models to promote its range of curvy jeans for women.

The poster campaign was used in and around stores and came with the marketing tag “love your curves”.

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Irish radio personality Muireann O’Connell spotted the campaign around Dublin and quickly tweeted out: “You have got to be shitting me, Zara.”

O’Connell then tweeted that it wasn’t the models fault, rather the poor work of Zara marketers.

It has since been liked by 17,000 people and retweeted over 8,500 times, with several Twitter users voicing their fury at the budget fashion retailer.

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Zara do you know what curves are?” raged one customer, while another added: “I assume Zara is doing irony.”

“All bodies are equally beautiful but… curves where? This is false advertising and could lead to bad self-image on young girls c’mon @zara,” wrote another.


In March last year Zara got in strife for apparently mocking people with coeliac disease after it released a T-shirt with the slogan “Are you gluten free?”


In 2014 it was blasted for selling T-shirts that many people felt looked like the uniforms worn by prisoners during the Holocaust. The ‘sheriff ‘ T-shirt featured blue stripes and a six-pointed yellow ‘badge’ and were eventually pulled from stores after a customer backlash.


In 2007, the Spanish owned chain caused controversy after it sold a bag emblazoned with swastikas.

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