“You’re Not On Your Own, Kid”: NRMA Announces Limited Edition Taylor Swift-Themed Patrol Vans

“You’re Not On Your Own, Kid”: NRMA Announces Limited Edition Taylor Swift-Themed Patrol Vans
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Everything has changed with NRMA patrol vans this weekend with roadside assistance ready to help concert goers and their getaway car.

Australians heading to the Eras Tour this weekend to see Taylor Swift can feel closure knowing that fearless NRMA patrols will be at Olympic Park on their white horse to assist in style with the new Roadside A-swift-ance van.

NRMA Roadside Patrol, Nik Panas said we know it’s nice to have a friend close by and the patrols are the 1 to help when you’re broken down to get you out of the woods.

“When parking in daylight it is an innocent mistake to leave your lights on, but your battery might not be able to tolerate it for the length of the concert,” Panas said.

Whether your keys are stuck on the other side of the door, you need to change a tyre, or your car experiences any other glitch; these problems are nothing new. The patrols are ready for it and will help you begin again.

Long story short, our roadside patrols are suburban legends. If you do breakdown on your way, don’t be a foolish one. Pull over somewhere safely, breathe, shake it off, and only get out of the car if it’s safe to do so,” Panas said.

“If you do get out of the car, don’t open the bonnet; you don’t want to feel an electric touch or see sparks fly“.

“There’s no bad blood if you’re not already a My NRMA member. Our call centre can write your name in their blank space so you can get out of exile and back on the road safely”.

No matter how far you’re travelling to and from the concert, it is important to stay stay stay safe on the roads. When you’re on the road that’s when you need to calm down, NRMA knows the dangers of distracted driving all too well.

“There will be a lot of traffic around the outside of Olympic Park, so make sure you plan ahead to know when it’s time to go; you don’t have forever and always to get to the concert of your wildest dreams,” Mr Panas said.

“It looks like there might be some midnight rain over the weekend, so it is important to drive carefully in these treacherous and cruel summer conditions.”

Whether you’re seeing this superstar on the very first night or the last time the Eras Tour is in Australia, NRMA hopes you’ll be enchanted and have the best day.

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