Yahoo7 Teams Up With Bonzai To (Potentially) Create Australia’s Largest Programmatic Ad Banner

Yahoo7 Teams Up With Bonzai To (Potentially) Create Australia’s Largest Programmatic Ad Banner

Yahoo7 has launched a flexible ad unit that has the potential to create Australia’s largest banner and deliver it programmatically.

The ad unit allows banner ads to expand and contract to the width of the screen according to a 4:1 ratio rule, as part of the new IAB Ad portfolio.

The unit has been developed locally by Yahoo7’s ad creative tech team, supported globally by the Oath network, and has been made available through Bonzai, a self-serve creative platform designed to allow publishers to design data-driven experiences.

Together, Yahoo7 and Bonzai have the potential to create Australia’s largest banner, and testing has proven so successful that it is being introduced to the Asia Pacific and the US via Oath.

Designed to fuel innovation, flexible ad units will ensure brand creative always appears above the screen fold, meaning it will be visible immediately when the page is loaded.

The new format can be targeted to desktop and tablets and will allow advertisers to create user-friendly digital advertising across all touch points, driving maximum engagement.

Yahoo7 client Honda is the first brand to implement the unit.

Zoe Cocker, head of brand at Yahoo7, said: “As a publisher, we want to ensure we deliver an exceptional user experience that benefits both our audience and the brands looking to reach them.

“This innovation will drive efficiencies for advertisers and as result a better audience experience.”

Bonzai co-founder and CEO Rahul Pandey said: “We are thrilled to co-create this unique high impact format along with Yahoo7’s incredible ad creative tech team.

“Our creative platform allows publishers to build ad formats that drive higher engagement and viewability, and we’re confident that such ad formats will drive deeper audience engagement for brands.

“Our uniquely built platform capabilities now also allow brands to integrate these high-impact formats programmatically too.”

Flexible ad units are now available in Australia via Brightroll DSP and Bonzai.

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